ArrowID Logo

What is ArrowID?

ArrowID is the Order of the Arrow’s new sign-on system. The goal of ArrowID is to provide you with one login and password for all of the OA’s many online systems and services. Currently ArrowID is implemented in the National OA Event Registration System (NOAERS) and will be coming to OA LodgeMaster in the near future. Other systems will be integrated after that.

How does ArrowID work?

Before you can work with any of the systems that use ArrowID, you must first create an ArrowID login. This is only needs to be done once. That login is stored in the ArrowID system.

When you need to login from one of the OA systems that use ArrowID, you just click the login link or button on that system, it will send you to ArrowID where you log in, and then ArrowID will send you back to the system where you came from – and you will be logged in.

I’m trying to register for NOAC – What specifically do I need to do?

If this is your first time using ArrowID…

  1. Browse to the National Order of the Arrow Event Registration System (NOAERS) at – click the Login link in the upper right corner of your browser. That will take you to ArrowID.
  2. Once at ArrowID, click the button at the bottom of the screen that says “Create a new Account”
  3. Enter in your first and last name, your email address and a password. If you have used NOAERS before and want to preserve and access your past registration history, use the email address you already have in NOAERS. Otherwise, just use any email address you have. You can use any password you want when creating your ArrowID login. It can, but does not have to be the same password you had previously in NOAERS.
  4. You will receive an email message sent from ArrowID asking you to verify your email address. Open the message and click the “Verify your Email” link inside that message. That will confirm that you actually own the email address you used for your ArrowID login. That will complete the process of creating your login.
  5. Once you have created and verified your ArrowID login - browse to NOAERS ( and click the login link in the upper right corner of the browser and login with your email address and new password.
  6. Once in NOAERS - find the NOAC 2018 event and proceed with your registration.